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Committed To Prompt Service!

Green Petroleum, LLC has been serving businesses in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) Region since 1977. Green Petroleum, LLC is a minority owned and MBE certified company. We work with contractors to not only meet their fuel needs but also meet their minority participation requirements.

Our commitment to prompt delivery extends to our heating oil customers. Green Petroleum, LLC delivers heating oil to residential customers in the DMV area and we consider our customers and their families an extension of Green Petroleum, LLC family.

The staff at Green Petroleum, LLC prides itself on providing prompt and courteous service; is OSHA compliant and safety conscious. Our company’s culture is deeply rooted in providing efficient, timely, excellent service and delivery.


Fuel Products

1. Red Dyed Low Sulphur Diesel
2. Clear Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel
3. Unleaded Gasoline
4. Commercial Red Dyed Kerosene
5. Heating Oil

Motor Oils

1. Duralene Motor Oils
2. Heavy Duty Diesel
3. Synthetic

Hydraulic Oils

1. Anti-Wear
2. Multi-Vis
3. Low Pour

Transmission Fluid

1. Dexron
2. Mercon
3. Universal Tractor
4. Allison
5. Synthetic

Gear Lubricants

1. Construction
2. Limited-Slip/Positraction
3. Open Gear Ep Spray


1. Industrial
2. Construction
3. Lithium E.P.
4. High Temp
5. Low Temp
6. Teflon
7. Wheel Bearing
8. Brick Block
9. Synthetic
10. Multi-Purpose

Compressor Oils

1. Synthetic
2. Rotary


1. FPPF Fuel Additives
2. Rizol Parts Cleaner Solvent
3. Abaorbent
4. Anti-Freeze
5. Truck Wash
6. Equipment Cleaner
7. Oil Analysis

Giving Back To The Community

At Green Petroleum, LLC we are committed to the community and giving back. Thank you to all who have previously joined us in our past endevours.